Building Materials/Anti-corrosion material


Southern Yellow Pine is widely be used such as bridges, brackets, fences, and docks. It can also be used for building materials, including interior decoration materials, cladding materials, sub-floors, and joists.

Southern Yellow Pine is mainly composed of four species: Longleaf Pine, Slash Pine, Shortleaf Pine, and Loblolly Pine. Their appearance is quite similar. The sapwood is yellow-white and the heartwood is reddish-brown. When SYP grows to about 20 years old, heartwood will start to grow. The dry heartwood is orange to reddish-brown. The annual rings are obvious and the wood changes rapidly in spring and autumn. For the 4  SYP species,  Longleaf Pine and Slash Pine are heavier with greater strength, rigidity, and hardness. Southern Yellow Pine has a higher shrinkage rate, but it will become stable when it's completely dried.
Product Sizes: (mm)
140x140 184x184