6_Composite Material/OK

Glued Laminated Timber / Glulam

For construction, special appearance modeling, large-span buildings, etc.

Glulam is lumbers glued together layer by layer in the same direction. Most Glulam is used in the engineering building and it must be able to meet the architectural force design. Special appearance can be customized as well.
The glulam uses the strongest lumber for the upper and lower layers because these two layers bear the greatest pressure and tension. This concept makes the most reasonable use of wood that the best lumber can be placed in the place with a lot of force, and less strong lumber can be placed in the place with less force which is the middle part of the glued beam.
The common sizes of glulam are 105/120x105/120/150/180/210/240mm, and it can also be customized made in case of special conditions such as long-span, heavyweight, etc.
Glulam can also be produced into different shapes according to different needs, such as inclined, curved, and even long-span round arches.