Packaging Materials/Wood packaging

Radiata pine

Wide growth rings, straight grain, medium strength
Product Application:
Packaging, furniture, pulp, plywood, etc.

Radiata Pine(RP) is also known as Pinus Radiata. RP mainly uses for pallets, wood cases, concrete forms, and other miner use like furniture, treating, construction, etc.
New Zealand is located in Southern Hemisphere, its environment is dryer than Asia and its mold ecology is not as bad as subtropical. Therefore, RP is suitable for New Zealand and has widely used for treating and construction. 
Taiwan is an island and has an island climate that will cause RP to get mold and rot easily in this severe weather condition. 
RP is easily to get mold if it's not KD. If green RP has been placed in a shady place, it might grow out dark green mold the next day. One week later, the dark mold will grow into lumber and too deep to be planed.
Imported RP lumber is mostly under 30 years because it grows fast and can be harvested after 20-30 years. Also because it grows fast, its annual rings are wider, its spring and autumn wood is obvious, and it's easy to twist and warp if the width is over 4 inches. Due to RP is easy to twist and warp, it's better for finger-joint panels that have been multiple manual processing and gluing to make it more stable than original wider lumber.